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Explore the world of this mysterious and ancient art form. Dance is great for fitness, flexibility, creativity, self-expression, relaxation, stress relief, self-discovery, coordination, and just plain fun! You don't have to be coordinated, a certain age or size, or have previous dance experience for belly dance. The beauty of this dance is that it truly IS for EVERYONE!


Currently, no classes are scheduled. For private lessons, email Jawahir. See bottom of this page for rates. If your facility would like to host a class, please email me.






    Learn basic isolations, shimmies, and combinations to develop a core foundation in Bellydance. We will also dabble with basic finger cymbal rhythms and veil work and learn a very basic choreography.

    Studio Darshan
    188 East Street
    Nederland, CO

    $66 for the session, $13 drop-in
    Next session starts May 20, 2010
    (pre-register for the session through the studio)

    6-week session recommended for a complete foundation - generally beginners will want to take the session at least twice to gain a solid understanding of the movements. Intermediate class option upon instructor recommendation.

    Bring a yoga mat/blanket (we will have some available to borrow), water, and comfortable workout clothes. Clothing should allow instructor to see your legs and torso to ensure proper movement. No shoes needed. We dance barefoot! This is a low-impact workout. However, you may wear indoor dance shoes if desired. There will be hipscarves, finger cymbals, and dance veils available to borrow and for sale. Or bring your own if you have them.

    6 WEEK SESSION, No classes scheduled

    If you would like to host a class in your area, please
    email Jawahir

    Learn more advanced finger cymbal patterns, combinations, layering, performance readiness, and enhance your shimmies and isolation skills.

    Class dates/times will be announced asap.


    No classes scheduled at this time. If you would like to host a class in your area, please email Jawahir

    Shimmy your way to fitness. Using traditional and modern belly dance movements, this class will get your heart rate up and work parts of your body you didn't know you had. The class includes a review of belly dance posture, warmup with a breathing exercise & isolations, cardio class, and cool down including some yoga.

    This class is ongoing, we will build on movements each week but all classes are appropriate for all levels and ages, so don't worry if you miss a few. You will do just fine :) Check with your medical provider before beginning any exercise program.

    Bring a yoga mat, and wear comfortable workout clothes, no shoes needed. We dance barefoot! This is a low-impact workout. There will be hipscarves and dance veils available to borrow and for sale.

    This class will be scheduled after a couple sessions, when there are students ready to get into the art of performance

    Learn a choreography to prepare you for stage performances. Student troupe (Raqs Bahiya Dance Company) will perform at haflas, festivals, and faires. Performance not necessary. You can come learn the choreographies without performance committment if preferred. Referral from instructor only. Class schedule TBD based on interest and advancement of current student base. Please email if interested.

    Bring comfortable, loose clothing (ie. workout clothes), yoga matt or blanket for stretching (if desired), scarf for the hips, finger cymbals, and veil (if available). There will be a few loaner items and finger cymbals for sale. If you have items to loan, we'd greatly appreciate it :)

    $25 (per person/per hour) - semi-private lesson, 3 or more people
    $60 (per hour) - semi-private for two
    $40 (per hour) - private lesson
    $250 (minimum) - 2 hour in-town sponsored group workshop
    $350 (minimum) - 2 hour out-of-town sponsored group workshop plus travel
    $175 - 15-30 minute performance (additional travel fee may apply)
    $225 - 45-60 minute performance (one-two sets, travel fee may apply)
    $300 - 1 hr party, including mini workshop (travel fee may apply)


    "It was a real joy to be in your warm, smiling, good-humored presence..."

    "I sure enjoyed your classes and all that you've given me in the art form of belly dance! You are a very sincere and sweet person ... You are a superb instructor and performer too! I will miss you, you were one of my first and most influential teachers of belly dance. You are such a sweet person and you gave me confidence and encouragement. I want to thank you for everything that you gave me and taught me."
    Connie, Everett, WA

    image, class
    "I really enjoyed your class, how you teach, and your personality. I noticed how you are very sweet and how your words of encouragement and compliments helped everyones self confidence."

    "I really enjoyed your classes - you made me happy to be dancing again!!!"
    Sierra, Everett, WA

    "I thank you endlessly for all that you taught me on sword."
    Suzanna, Seattle, WA

    "You have a gift for teaching not only the movement, but the physiology behind the movement. Add to this solid foundation a gift for creating a magical dance enviroment, no matter what the surrounding, and you have the priceless education that enriched my life this past year. During my time with you, I pushed my body and my mind in ways I never dreamed possible. Because of your patience, I had breakthroughs I never thought would happen, and with your demonstrating each movement, I had a living breathing example of excellence to follow. I still smile when I remember how I used to find myself just standing, transfixed, at the beauty you create getting so caught up in watching you that I forgot to try, myself. I will never, ever forget what you taught me. You opened doors and windows that I will never allow closed again."
    Azar/Mary, Everett, WA

    "I am so impressed with Jawahir's finger cymbals and dance combos!"
    Yasmin of Seattle, WA, about Jawahir's dancing with finger cymbal workshop

    Dancing with Finger Cymbals; Isolations Layering and Shimmies, A Dynamic Workout; Sword Choreography; Drum Solo (live drum, or choreographed); Veil with Emotion; Oriental Choreography; Dancing with Live Music; Going Professional; or a topic of your choice

    About the instructor
    Dance, music, and the healing arts have been Jawahir's passion her whole life. She has studied dance her whole life, with a focus on Middle Eastern (Belly) Dance since 1998. She performs and teaches in Colorado and is coordinator of fusion dance collective hands of fatima. Jawahir's classes are light and fun, and she encourages students to develop their own style and creativity. Constantly furthering her education through workshops and classes with award-winning instructors, Jawahir believes all teachers are students and all students are teachers. View resume for more information.

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