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Jawahir formed hands of fatima in Seattle. The collective evolved out of working with various projects with sound artists and dancers around the area. The dancers' backgrounds varied from middle eastern, african, persian, modern, and lyrical dance styles, as well as music. The collective is now reforming in several locations nationally by original members.

Now that I am in Colorado, I am craving that tribal connection I had with my dance and music sisters and brothers. I am looking to network with other like-minded dancers, promoting community and the greater connectedness of the human race. I am not competitive in any way except maybe with myself. My husband, Wesley Davis, aka bios+a+ic, and I are also forming a music project that will eventually be the music behind fatima. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send me an email. More info on the collective below.


Hands of fatima was created organically when Jawahir invited several professional dancers/instructors from the Seattle area to perform for entropic advance's 'Sound Into Light' CD release party in July of 2004. Because of the overwhelming positive connection and vision these dancers had who have never before worked together, Jawahir formed 'hands of fatima'. Hands of fatima performed at top Seattle venues such as the Fenix Underground, Chop Suey, The Mercury, and CHAC Lower Level with entropic advance as well as Legion Within, a local ethereal gothic rock band. Hands of fatima is a loosely formed troupe, performing with as little as 2 and as many as 6 or more members, with choreography or improvised to live music.

Jawahir's goal is to bring together a tribe of artists. Her background in music, dance, and theater, has introduced her to several different creative circles. Recently, she has connected with artists from each of these different circles, from electronic experimental music, to dance, to video and visual art, to acting. Underneath each of the connections, she feels an even deeper, more tribal, tie to some of these artists. In every circle, there are people of the same tribe, with the same visions. These are the artists Jawahir is seeking to bring together. It is her belief that if the right people work together, it can be easier for all to become more successful, and to feel a sense of wholeness within the tribe. 'Hands of fatima' is always open to new ideas, and incorporates a variety of performance art into their shows. Check out Nadiyah's review of our latest show!

NW Farewell Appearance!

Saturday, April 16, 2:25 pm
Western WA Univ, Bellingham WA
Viking Union Multi-purpose Room
hands of fatima
at Culture Shock
Culture Shock runs from 11-3. Booths include Origami, Japanese Calligraphy; Swing Information/Lessons; Diversity Bingo; Stereotype Activity; College Admissions Simulation; Korean writing; All about Sweden - chocolate included; Henna Tattoos and more. Performances include Filipino, Irish, Scottish, Swing, and hip hop dancers, Tera Taiko Drummers and more. Email Jawahir for a complete performance schedule.

To hire hands of fatima for your event, festival, or party, send an email to Jawahir Bahiya

The Hand of Fatima is an ancient symbol from Morocco to protect the bearer from the evil eye. The troupe name was inspired by a 'Muslimgauze' album, 'Hand of Fatima'. Bryn Jones, creator of Muslimgauze, put out over 120 albums (and more coming) before his passing in 1999. He created experimental electronic music using a base of percussion and melody samples from the Middle East, India, and Africa created by himself or taken from traditional music pieces. The crossover in Jones' music, and his passion for his beliefs, represent the goals of 'Hands of Fatima', and the connection between the different art genres. More information on Muslimgauze can be found at Soleilmoon records, or in this article about Bryn Jones.

Contact Jawahir Bahiya for more information, or to book a performance.

hands of fatima is:
The hands of fatima group is currently reforming in several locations. The following members are regional directors. Stay tuned for more information on what's coming!

Jawahir Bahiya (Colorado)Asiya (Seattle's Northend)
Suzanna (Seattle)Sweih (Hawaii)

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