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Suzanna has been described as powerful, energetic, elegant, dynamic, and technically skillful. She expresses her insatiable appetite for dance through her unlimited energy as a performer. Her years of training in jazz, contemporary, ballet, West African, and Middle Eastern dance enables her to execute signature, dynamic movements from a solid technical foundation, and bring a global understanding of rhythm and choreography to her work.

Suzanna discovered her lifelong passion for Middle Eastern dance via the theatre, while preparing for a role in a play that required belly dance. Since then she has studied with a variety of acclaimed teachers in the U.S. and abroad, and enjoyed many adventures throughout Europe, Morocco, and West Africa. She has been delighting audiences of the Pacific Northwest for the past several years at premiere nightclubs, restaurants, festivals, fundraisers, and private parties.


This class welcomes all ages, sizes, shades, and genders in the study of one of the most popular and widespread movement art forms, through which we celebrate the music and culture of the Middle East, North Africa, India and Pakistan, and their Diaspora. Whether you are a curious beginner, aspiring cabaret pro, or tribal goddess whether you seek to feed your spirit and soul or would like to get more attention on the dance floor, these classes will deepen your technical knowledge and skill, cultivate creative improvisational discovery, and open the door to a conditioning activity that can be practiced for a lifetime. No shoes necessary. Loose, comfortable clothing on the hips and thighs, and fitted clothing on the torso is recommended, with an optional hip scarf.

Level I
Learn principles of alignment, weight shifts, and shapes to execute Egyptian and Turkish hip movements, shimmies, isolations, and undulations, along with appropriate arm movements and body positioning. Learn basic travel steps and build short combinations as you become aware of musical interpretation and styles. The mind establishes a new and profound relationship with the body as you build strength, coordination, flexibility, stamina, and energy awareness.

Level II
Develop texture and expression and increase movement vocabulary as you study layering, patterns, combinations, and rhythms, and begin integrating zills (finger cymbals) with your dance. Continue to advance physical conditioning as you build poise, confidence, coordination, and physical wisdom. Learn how to use veil and other props in routines. Become familiar with traditions, styles, formats, best practices, and costuming, as well as local opportunities to perform informally in a welcoming, unthreatening atmosphere.

Level I - Mondays 8:15-9:15 and Saturdays 12:00-1:00
Level II - Mondays 7:00-8:00

For registration info contact Suzanna at (206) 303-7728
or planetsuzanna@gmail.com

All classes are located at Momentum Pilates Studio
418 First Avenue West (in the lower Queen Anne/Seattle Center area)
Maximum class size limited to 10

Private lessons are also offered at the studio or your preferred location.

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hands of fatima