MUSIC EDITING (for dancers)
We all know that most music pieces are not the right length for a dance routine, especially for Middle Eastern Dance. Now, you can get your music edited and ready to hand to the sound guy.

$15 per song. you get a clean edited version of the original, downloadable, or burned to CD for $5 additional.
$50 per 7-10 minute routine/3-4 songs, tracked out, lightly mastered for volume consistency, and burned to a CD (includes an exit/outtro using one of your songs, ie 30 seconds from the opening song)
$10 per song for a routine over 10 minutes/4 songs

How does it work?
You send me a CD(s) with the original(s) song either roughly edited, or not at all edited. If you have an idea of where you want the edit, you let me know. If you have no idea where to cut, I will edit it down to the length you desire. I will post an mp3 on a web page for you to listen to. You email me feedback/changes, and I re-edit to your desire. I will only re-edit one time with no fee, so please be clear with your instructions. An additional fee will be required for further editing. The service includes bringing your music to the right listening level for a balanced performance CD. When completed, for one song, I will give you a link to download the final .wav file. I will mail your originals, and a burned CD back to you for an additional $5 charge. For a routine, I will mail your originals and burned cd to you at no additional charge.

For a full routine, I suggest a fast/slow/fast/etc..format, but it is entirely up to you.

Send your cd(s) and instructions to

Symbolic Insight Studios
c/o Jawahir Bahiya
P.O. Box 776
Nederland, CO 80466-0776

Payment is due in advance. Please make checks out to Julia Petteway, or you can pay through paypal, using the address jawahir @ raqsjawahir . com ($3 additional fee per transaction). Please be clear about what you are paying for.