Terra Petteway Davis was born July 12, 2005 at 8:10 PM. She was almost 8.5 lbs, 21 inches.

I have not been keeping up on these photos. Check out my myspace page if you want to see more recent pics. Thanks!


Nineteenth month

Eighteenth month

Seventeenth month
Sixteenth month

Fifteenth month

Fourteenth month
Thirteenth month

Twelfth month
Eleventh month

Tenth month

Ninth month

Eighth month

"aunty" cyleste

cc n chris

grandparents in az

Seventh month
Sixth month

Terra was Jesus at the family Christmas..hehe

Fifth month

with cousins Tony & Kaila

Fourth month

it's halloweeeeeen!

yep, i shaved my head

with her friend phoenix

with phoenix (and mom christy)
Third month

Terra n Daddy at Lily Lake (9-30-05)

The family at Lily Lake (9-30-05)

Terra n Mama at Rafi'ah's Intensive (10-1-05)

Terra's first duet, with Rafi'ah (10-8-05 Mercury Cafe)

Terra and Mom (10-8-05 Mercury Cafe)

Second month

terra's first real outfit with pants n all 8-19-05!

terra n daddy wesley davis

First month of life

new and blue 7-12

couple weeks old

after terra's 1st painting, "hands and feet"

first bath (after the painting)

w/daddy & grandpa, pearl st mall

with aunt cindy


yo homie

outing at boulder reservoir


7 mos pregnant, with Asiya (8 months preg)

eldorado springs, co, 2 days pre-birth

wes, me, sara, gina, and greg

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