emerald sanctuary belly dance retreat

Illustration by Janice "Roxelana" Wing

Workshops (for ALL dancer levels), evening show, relaxation, and celebration of the dance. The retreat is a benefit, and a generous portion of the registration will be donated to the wetlands. (not affiliated with the Emerald Rain competition)

This year's retreat is now over. Please check back for updates on next year's festivities

Wetland Info:
Wetlands are an integral part of the ecosystem within Washington State. Many wild species of plants and animals depend upon wetlands and estuaries. Wetlands are an excellent place for wildlife to rear their young as there is an abundance of food sources available within the boundaries of a wetland. Salmon have depended upon wetlands and estuaries for thousands of years and there are many animals that depend upon salmon. Unfortunately nationwide and within this state we have lost many of our wetlands. This retreat has come about to allow us to take in the vast knowledge of Belly Dance instruction available, as well as let us grow as bellydancers and human beings. This retreat will provide you with a chance to learn how you can help conserve wetlands and ecosystems. The beneficiaries of this retreat are two organizations that are both working to preserve, enhance, protect and restore wetlands. Volunteers do this by planting and restoring wetlands, as well as by working with State and City government to plan what is best for the future of Washington ecosystems. It is our hope that you walk away from this Retreat with an idea of how to help in healing our planet as well as many ideas for Belly Dance. Our beneficiaries include the Stilly-Snohomish Task Force and Citizens for the Preservation of the Snohomish Valley.

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    Get Emerald Sanctuary gear at Janice Wing's CafePress Store. 100% of proceeds are donated to the wetlands.

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