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Live NW Middle Eastern/Belly Dance:

Bellydance Resources

  • Ayshah's Bellydance Directory
  • Belly Dancers Online ~ America's Network of Belly Dancers & Belly Dancing Resources
  • Belly Dance Web ~ On-line resource to help dancers find fun and informative sites on the web, and provides a promotional vehicle for performers and retailers.
  • Belly dancer Salome ~ Promo of international performer as well as belly dance directories, talent agency directory, jobs available, on-line lessons, articles, and interviews.
  • The Bhuz ~ Online belly dance directory!
  • Colorado Belly Dance Events Calendar
  • ~ articles and info for dance of all sorts, pro, teacher, and student
  • Gilded Serpent ~ Web Magazine for Middle Eastern Dance
  • Nadiyah's ~ Lots of great resources here, articles, a bulletin board, products, events, video reviews, and so much more! Nadiya is based in Spokane, WA.
  • NW Bellydance Source ~ Up to date information for Middle Eastern Dance events, classes, workshops, musicians, vendors and venues in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Saqra ~ Raqs El Sehr Director, Belly dance teacher/performer, my former coach, and an all-around great gal! Saqra's troupe choreography is amazing, and her teaching style is fun and quite humorous. Her site has a LIVE BAND section along with other great ME Dance resources!
  • Shira ~ A wealth of information on belly dancing. This is the most comprehensive informational site on belly dancing I've ever seen on the internet!
  • Soraya's Mid-East Dance & Music Productions ~ Arabic Entertainment Agency located on the east coast. Of Arabic heritage, Soraya has been a ME Dancer since she was four! Her mission is to educate and inform the general public on what ME Dance really is and to break down cultural stereotypes.
  • Taaj, the Belly Dance Trainer ~ Taaj is based in VA Beach, VA. Her site is a great resource for all things belly dance all over.
  • Zanbaka's Designs Online Bazaar ~ Unique, custom, and one-of-a-kind headdresses, tassel belts, hand-dyed fringe, jewelry and much more!

ME Dance Instruction ME Dance Artists
  • Amar Goddess Bellydance Company ~ Boulder troupe, directed by Maria
  • Aphrodite ~ Denver bellydance artist
  • Bohemian Artists' Guild ~ eclectic collaboration of artists and performers based in Denver, Colorado, tribal/fusion dance, music, fire performers, costumers, etc...
  • Dahlia of Seattle ~ Dahlia is an amazing dancer with awesome technique, and a very sweet disposition
  • Diana ~ Diana of Seattle, a friend, former troupe mate of mine, and a spunky fun dancer :)
  • Hasani in Gig Harbor ~ Great teacher, beautiful dancer, and hostess to one of the longest running bi-monthly haflas in the NW
  • Indigo ~ Based in Bellingham, Indigo is one of my good friends, a great promoter of dance events, and community, as well as class and workshop instructor. Indigo produces the annual Emerald Sanctuary retreat.
  • Jaleh ~ Based in Puyallup/Tacoma, Jaleh is one of the sweetest people I've ever met, and she won the MASTERS competition 2003 at Double Crown in Oregon.
  • Jillina-Belly Dance Super Star ~ Jillina is about as good as it gets! She has attitude, technical skill, and fabulous choreography.
  • Kitiera ~ Bremerton/Silverdale, Washington based, Kitiera teaches classes and workshops on many different Middle Eastern dance styles.
  • Leila ~ Cairo superstar, Leila is a model and fantastic dancer with her own orchestra :)
  • Lotus Moon World Fusion Bellydance ~ Belly Dance Fusion in Southern Maine and New Hampshire
  • Mahasti Abidi ~ Fabulous Egyptian style dancer...she teaches in N Seattle Saturdays
  • Maria ~ Engaging, with tons of personality, Maria dances and teaches in Boulder, Colorado and is director of Amara Goddess Bellydance Company
  • Morocco ~ Master dancer in authentic ME dance, Morocco knows everythin I like to say. If you haven't taken a class with Morocco, I suggest you look into it :) She's in New York & travels all over for workshops.
  • Phoenix ~ Dancer, teacher, and event producer out of Denver, CO
  • Raqs Halim Tribal Fusion Belly Dance ~ Seattle Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Troupe
  • Raqs Serpentine ~ A beautiful group of people & dancers; hosts to the monthly Pyramid Lounge event.
  • Sa'ida ~ Good friend (more like a sister really), and beautiful dancer full of emotion in her performances. Sa'ida recently moved to Italy, and we miss her lots in Seattle.
  • Bellydance With Selket ~ A friend from Concord, California. Selket mixes in her own humor, tips and a dance names database with an ever-growing library of links. I can't get enough of her site.
  • Zanbaka ~ Pacific Northwest Performer and Instructor of World Fusion, Folkloric,Orientale, and Tribal Style Belly Dance as well as artistic director of Troupe Zenobia.
  • Zaina Hart ~ This zany dancer is producer of one of the longest running Belly Dance competitions, Double Crown, in OR, and a really fun gal :)
  • Belly Dancing by Zaphara



Belly Dance Publications


Friends & Other

  • Boulder Kung Fu ~ my Kung Fu gym in Boulder...7 Star Praying Mantis system, taught by Sifu Michael Wang.
  • Kumpania Paramitsha ~ historical Romani re-enactment troupe, and forever my extended familia.
  • Wes Gomes ~ A dear friend to me, and a mezmerizing belly and fire dancer.
  • Momma Cherry's stufff ~ I heart Cherry.
  • The Pixie ~ Lunah's one of my friends from back east. She is now taking BELLY DANCE lessons! How exciting :)

Kumpania Email List

The Kumpania list was built for NW Washington's Kumpania Paramitsha, but anyone
who studies or is interested in studying the history of the Romany is welcome.


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