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Jawahir Bahiya (aka Jewl) has been dancing over 15 years, and has intensely studied middle eastern dance and music since 1998. She is a regular dancer at House of Marrakesh restaurant in Denver, and a member of Amar Goddess Bellydance Company. Throughout her life, Jawahir has studied Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Gypsy, modern Egyptian, flamenco, and folkloric M.E. dance. Today, her focus of study is Modern Egyptian/Lebanese cabaret style belly dance, and fusion/alternative dance. She is known for her skill in isolations, drum solos, veil, sword, finger cymbals, music interpretation, expressive, playful dance style, and her light, easy-to-follow teaching style.

Jawahir performs, and offers workshops and classes on a variety of belly dance topics in Colorado and nationally. Jawahir has written for Jareeda Magazine, and has been featured in Jareeda and The Chronicles.

Some comments from audiences and dancers all over...

    "You have so much grace, and a wonderful stage presence"
    "What a cute personable dancer!"
    "I've never seen Egyptian cabaret performed with such a warm personality."
    "Very sharp, defined, tight moves."
    "Well choreographed."
    "...felt very comfortable watching you perform."
    "You have an adorably playful style - a pleasure"
    "Great smile!"
    "You have a genuine sweetness to your dancing"

    "I am so impressed with Jawahir's finger cymbals and dance combos!"
              -- Yasmin of Seattle, WA, about Jawahir's dancing with finger cymbal workshop

    "...I especially liked how you shimmied to the drum roll, yet hit each accent beat with the rest of your body..."
              -- Janice "Roxelana" Wing of Seattle, Creator of the comic strip "Belly Laughs" and director of award-winning troupe, Sticky Veils

    "I thank you endlessly for all that you taught me on sword."
              -- Suzanna, Seattle, WA

    Jawahir dances "beautifully...mischievously...gracefully"
              -- Madeline Dixon, Irish Dancer, Everett, WA

    "...very graceful..."
              -- Tamalyn Dallal, Int'l ME Dancer

Along with dance, Jewl is also passionate about music. Her musical specialties include flute, fiddle, percussion and singing. She prefers an improvisational style. As the daughter of two professional musicians, she learned to play and read music at an early age. Her first piano piece was composed at age 4. At 9, she rapidly progressed in her first year playing violin to second level and received an award for her accomplishment. At 10, she picked up the flute which she played throughout Junior and High School. She performed for one year with the world jazz band, Hejira, and for two years, with the belly dance band Ek Balaam in the Pacific Northwest. She has also been featured on her father, Al Petteway's recordings, and has performed often on stage with him and his wife Amy White throughout the years.

Jewl's latest music project is a collaboration with her husband, Wesley Davis (aka bios+a+ic, named Sonolumina. The music is reminiscent of Muslimgauze, Dead can Dance, Cheb i Sabbah, dark electronic, and idm, with its own distinct sound, which they like to call "Transglobal IDM".

Jewl also doubles as a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. Visit buddhahealingarts.com for information.

Noteable Accomplishments:

  • 2004-present ~ Coordinator of dance collective hands of fatima
  • 2003-2004 ~ Co-Coordinator of Emerald Sanctuary Belly Dance Retreat in Grand Coulee, WA
  • 2003 ~ Featured in Jareeda Magazine's "Spotlight"
  • 2001-2002 ~ Kitsap County Regional Director of National Dance Week
  • 2001-2002 ~ Director of the Middle Eastern Cultural Arts Guild and the Kumpania Paramitsha historical re-enactment troupe of Western Washington.
  • 2001-2003 ~ Member of WA Renaissance Fantasy Faire Performing Arts Dept, historically reenacting Romany (Gypsy) and playing Titania, Queen of the Fairies. Talents included folkloric and Romany dance, music (fiddle, flute, singing), and acting.
  • 2001 ~ Won her division at the 2001 North Valley Belly Dance Competition in Chico, California.

    Ensembles Jawahir is currently a member of include:

  • Amar Goddess Bellydance Company
  • hands of fatima
  • Saqra's Raqs el Sehr Shamal (inactive member)

    Jawahir prefers dancing to live music. Her musical experience includes both dancing AND playing music with the following ensembles:

  • Americanistan, Eugene, OR
  • The Brothers of the Baladi, Portland, OR
  • Ek Balaam, Seattle, WA
  • Hejira, Seattle, WA
  • Naseem Band, Seattle, WA (dancing)
  • A'halam, Seattle, WA (dancing)
  • entropic advance, Seattle, WA (dancing)
  • Legion within, Seattle, WA (dancing)

    Belly Dance Instruction:
    Saphira (Grand Champion, 2003 East Coast B.D. Classic) - Wash, DC
    Nadirah Nasreen (Grand Champion, 2002 East Coast B.D. Classic) - Wash, DC
    Saqra (Reno's Entertainer of the Yr, SF Desert Rose, MED&CA Professional of the Yr) - Seattle (was also my mentor and coach in teaching and professionalism for about 2 yrs)
    Jillina (Belly Dance Superstars) - Los Angeles, CA
    Leila - Egypt
    Morocco - New York
    Sabura (2 time Miss Belly Dance USA) - Seattle
    Hasani - Seattle
    Melissa Ruby - Seattle
    Delilah - Seattle
    Zaphara - Seattle
    Zanbaka - Seattle
    Various workshops throughout the years...


    $175 - 15-30 minute performance (additional travel fee may apply)
    $225 - 45-60 minute performance (one-two sets, travel fee may apply)
    $300 - 1 hr party, including mini-workshop (travel fee may apply)
    $40 (per hour) - private lesson
    $250 (minimum) - 2 hour in-town sponsored group workshop
    $350 (minimum) - 2 hour out-of-town sponsored group workshop plus travel

    To hire Jawahir for your next event or party, send an email to jawahir@raqsjawahir.com.
    Visit class & workshop info page

    Website design available, $50 per hour. Email Jewl for details.
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