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Bahiya, known in the bellydance world as Jawahir Bahiya, has studied Middle Eastern Dance since 1998. Jewl is known for her joy and charisma, performing and offering workshops and classes on a variety of belly dance topics in Colorado and nationally. She promotes and coordinates events locally and featuring international artists such as Delilah and Mahmoud Reda.

Jewl is also a dj, seasoned musician, massage therapist, reiki master, owner of Sensorielle (a natural/sustainably built wellbeing spa), and mother.

Bahiya Experimental Dance: Jewl has been performing to electronic/experimental music since around 2003. Bahiya is an extension of this, including other dancers when possible in an exploration of experimental dance and performance art to live and recorded sound art. Performances may include choreography and/or improvisational dance with an underlying concept. Jewl is coordinator and choreographer.

Jewl has more recently taken interest in Japanese Ankoku Butoh. Her introduction to the dance form was several years ago watching P.A.N. Butoh out of Seattle. Seeing this amazing group perform, Jewl was inspired to learn more about the dance form, which strongly speaks to her spirit. Butoh connects us with our dark places, those places we have not yet explored, using imagery and breathwork. Butoh allows us to share with others what we have not before revealed. It can be grotesque in its presentation, yet is always profoundly beautiful. Jewl has studied and performed with Jennifer Hicks & chimeraLAB (Boston/Boulder), and Katsura Kan, and has taken workshops with Maureen Freehill (momo) of Seattle.


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sound art: Jewl/Bahiya debuted her solo violin sound art in March of 2010. Her new sound project is evolving into a performance aspect as well as music. She is also working on a project called Sonolumina with bios+a+ic, which we call "transglobal IDM" for lack of a better label. The two are also working on a noise project called usA, which debuted at transistor electronic sound art festival, June 12-14 2009 and has played shows such as Seattle Harsh Fest and Denver Noise Festival, as well as art shows.

dj bahiya: Jewl does transglobal and eastern-inspired dance beat dj sets for parties, and events. You can also find her on myspace at

"You are the most amazing woman! I loved your performance piece at the CDAF! It touched me somehow and I am not really sure how, but I felt something..............beautiful.
You are a beautiful and powerful performer and a consummate professional! Not to mention you have some serious skilz at spinning tunes! It was so great to see you and bask in your loveliness! You are an inspiration to all that is Goddess-like~I could just kiss you all over!"

~ Tina Striegel, aka Saira, beautiful Denver Dancer (and local Goddess)
regarding Butoh inspired experimental dance & dj/emcee at Colorado Dark Arts 08

To book Jawahir Bahiya Bellydance, or dj bahiya for your next party or event, please send an email.

"...I especially liked how you shimmied to the drum roll, yet hit each accent beat with the rest of your body..."
          -- Janice "Roxelana" Wing of Seattle, Creator of the comic strip "Belly Laughs" and director of award-winning troupe, Sticky Veils

"I am so impressed with Jawahir's finger cymbals and dance combos!"
          -- Yasmin of Seattle, WA, about Jawahir's dancing with finger cymbal workshop

Jawahir dances "beautifully...mischievously...gracefully"
          -- Madeline Dixon, Irish Dancer, Everett, WA

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